A very powerful feature of appRules Portal is the appRules Desktop Application (appRules.Desktop.exe) which allows you to run appRules Portal as a traditional Windows Desktop Application without a web server or an internet connection.
The application runs inside a window and it is self-hosted.

You can use this application to quickly explore the features of appRules Portal without having to use IIS or the appRules.HostService application.
And for some Community Edition users, the appRules Desktop Application is the primary option for running appRules Portal.

1 - Integrated Chromium (Chrome) Browser

The appRules Desktop Application uses the latest build of Chromium (Chrome) browser. The browser is embedded into the application.

2 - How to use it

Just launch the executable (appRules.Desktop.exe) and the appRules Portal application will load automatically. Note: appRules.Desktop.exe must be run from the root of your appRules Portal installation, at the same level as web.Config.

3 - How Does it Work

The appRules Desktop Application uses the Microsoft implementation of OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET), called Katana: https://www.asp.net/aspnet/overview/owin-and-katana.

Basically, this powerful implementation can fully replace IIS in a single executable.