Important: The Execution Service is deprecated (above version 4.1.2) and replaced by the new Web API (October 2018 version 4.1.3)

The appRules Execution service is a http service that can be remotely called to execute a project The appRules.ExecutionService is normally created by the appRulesPortalSetup exe. If not, you can manually install it running 'As administrator' the related cmd located in the appRulesPortal\PortalData\appStrategy\Services_Installation folder (install_exec_service.cmd) You can also run [Install_path]\appRulesPortal\bin\appRules.ExecutionService.exe -i to install (or -u to uninstall)

Once installed log in to the Master Database and setup the service by including http address and port for the service, and the user and password to access it (basic credentials authentication)

Execution Service Setup

You can start the service from the Windows Services list and also using the Services button in the appRulesPortal Monitor:

Starting the Execution Service