Run the appRules.HostService executable (located in the [Install Folder]\appStrategy\appRulesPortal folder) and it will immediately serve the appRules application to port 8080 by default.

An example of cmd file to install and uninstall the host service is available in the appStrategy\Services_Installation folder)

Note: You may get an “Access Denied” error if you are not running on a Windows Server and don’t have Administrator privileges because Windows blocks attempts at listening to all domains (*). In which case add “-d:localhost” to accept local connections, or run as administrator.


Argument Description
(none) or -start Starts the host process for appRules Portal
-stop Stops the process for appRules Portal.
-p:{port} or -port:{port} Changes the port. The default port is 8080.
-d:{domain name} or -domain:{domain name} Limits the domain: i.e. * = all, or localhost to accept local connections only. The default is *.
-i or -install Installs appRules.HostService as a Windows service appRules Portal   You can mix “-i” with “-p:” and “-n:” and “-d:”.
-u or -uninstall Uninstalls appRules.HostService from the Windows services.