The appRulesPortal folder under the appStrategy directory contains the web site that you need to set up in IIS


First Create an Integrated v4.0 dedicated application pool




In the Pool Advanced Settings, associate the Pool to a specific dedicated windows User (in this example we have created a user called appRules) with admin rights on the required web site folder and subfolders.

You can also use the Network Service account that will allow all the permissions you need without exposing your system too much. Please do some reading on the Network Service account and other accounts (Local System) that are available to you. 

If your system is connected to AD, you might need to consult your System Administrator for assistance if company security policy does not allow the Network Service account to be available.

Important: If you use a SQL Database as appRules Project Database, this user will need owner access if default windows authentication is selected.




If you intend to use a SQL Server Database as project database, create a login on the above user and set it as Database dbowner.



Create a web site (you can copy the appRulesPortal folder under your web site folder or use it directly from the installation location (ProgramFiles\appStrategy or your installation folder)



Enable Anonymous Authentication  



Set Default Document (Default.html)



Advanced Settings

  Check that .net 4.6 Extensibility is checked in the IIS windows Features

(type Turn Windows features on or off in windows search)


  Some of the processes if not run the background can cause timeout, increase the sessions timeout in the web site advanced settings (default is 120s)


Includes the user associated to IIS the pool to the Performance Logs Users Group

To do so, go to Computer Management:

 Select Local Users and Groups:


Select Performance Logs Users:


 Add the user to the Group


You are ready to start using appRules Portal using your favorite browser.