Run the setup program for the appStrategy product you have purchased or that you are evaluating to install the software. appStrategy’s product installers follow the same format. The example below shows the appRules Portal installer - appRulesPortalSetup.exe.

Run the program “As Administrator” and follow the instructions of the installer wizard.



Select the installation folder (Default is C:\Program Files\)


Agree to the License terms and conditions and click the Next button.


Select prerequisites to install if required then click the “Install” button to start installation.


Configure the appRules Host Service by specifying a port (the installer will check that this port is opened and available)

The windows service will be installed and started automatically.

You will be able to stop and or remove it or change the port after installation if you prefer to run on IIS (see related section in the following pages of the current document)



Click the Install Button to confirm the Installation.

After Installation, see Web Site Installation on IIS or Using HostService to start using appRules Portal.