appRules utilizes metadata of your data bases, files, CRM and ERP data sources to speed up development of your business rules, integration and automation projects. 

  During metadata creation, the system connects to the data source to retrieve the metadata which is then stored in your project database for local use during development of your projects.  This feature allows you to continue development of your project even when you are disconnected from the data source. 

Creating Data Source Metadata


To add, browse, change, refresh, or delete a data source, select the DataSources option from the Settings Menu  :




The following window will be displayed, showing the first datasource defined in the current project:



To Add a data source, click the “New” button at the top; the data source creation window described below will be displayed. 


To modify a datasource, select it first from the DataSource Name list.


You can directly make changes from the current window To Change or update a data source item or the RuntimeSettings (click on the related tab) or rename the current datasource.


Select the specific entry, make changes to the field values and click the “Save” button to update the values.

To Refresh a data source (change connection settings and regenerate the metadata) , select the specific entry and click the “Refresh” button at the top to refresh the data source.


To Delete a data source, select the specific entry and click the “Remove” button to remove the data source from the project database.


To browse the metadata for a data source, simply click on the Entities, Picklists and other collection properties associated with the data source.


When the Add button is clicked, the window below is displayed for selecting the data source type to be added:




Select the data source type and the window below will be displayed.  Configure the connection properties, select the entities and click the OK button to generate the metadata.  For additional information, click the Help button.



Click the  button on the top right of the window to get help about how to set the current datasource



Metadata Browser


Once created, you can browse the metadata from your data source.


Browse Data Source Entities / Tables



Click on the Fields collection to display the table fields (see next page)


Browse Entity Fields/Attributes