The appConnector Files modules include several activities for working with files.  The appConnector Files modules include connectors for Delimited (CSV ) and Fixed Length files.  There is also a connector for managing the file system – (files and directories).

In this chapter we will review the creation of Data File Definitions which can be used by the appConnector Files modules.  When working with comma separated (CSV) files, the appConnector Delimited File module supports automatic field discovery.  When working with non-delimited text files, you will need to define the fields in the file to use them as part of your projects.  In addition, there are also projects that require that you predefine delimited file fields.



The File Definitions tool is accessed from your Designer environment, and allows you to define and maintain file definitions.  Once defined, these definitions are used in your development environment for selecting file fields and other values to be used at runtime.  The definitions are also reusable and thus can be used in an unlimited number of projects.


Adding and Updating File Definitions


To add, change, or delete a File Definition, select “DataSources” from the “Settings” menu of the application, click on the “New” button of the displayed window, and expand the Files module:




To Add a FileDefinition, click the “Ok” button after selecting the proper file type:



Specify a file definition name and the file path to access the file.


Click on the FileFields collection to set the file fields.