Running Projects


Once you are done with composing and orchestrating your project

1 - you can launch it directly on any computer using the Designer:

  • Previously you can open the Project Details to set the Run Options:

  • Click Run button as below

  • Click button 1 to run a currently opened project (same as the Run button in the Project Details window above)
  • Click button 2 to run a selected project

The following window is displayed:


  • Unselect “Run in Interactive mode” to run the project in the backgroung if you want to use appRules during the execution.
  • Select View Execution Flow and a Delay in seconds to visualize the activities executed in the designer during execution (the activity currently executed is highlighted in the designer during the delay specified)
  • Argument List: you can change the default values if arguments are defined for the current project.
  • Click the Run button at the top of window to start the execution.

At the end of the execution, click on the Logs/Stats button in the project ribbon to display the project execution statistics

If you tick the View execution Flow checkbox, the process shows the activities executed at run time (in green with a delay at each step specified in the Delay field) and an Execution flow window displayed at runtime allows you to end the execution flow display or cancel the job.

2 - You can also schedule the workflow to run at a specific time or regularly: see Schedule a Project

3 - Projects can be launched on the same machine outside the Portal using ProjectExec.exe (from the appRulesPortal Bin folder) Create a cmd file (that can be launched using the windows scheduler)

4 - You can launch a project remotely on the current or a distant machine using the appRules Execution Service, this service is installed by the appRules Portal Installation Package. (the execution service can be started once the url:port, userid and password are defined in the Master Database, see:Execution Service Setup  )

The installation package provides a client exe to call a project using this service (appRulesServerClient.exe) Launch the exe with the following arguments: <ExecutionServiceUrl:Port> <User> <Password> <ProjectDatabaseId or ProjectDatabaseName> <ProjectDatabaseUserID> <ProjectDatabaseUserPassword> <ProjectId> <ProjectReference> <Arguments>

ProjectReference: Type a description so you will be able to differentiate the run process when displaying the Monitor Window Arguments syntax: <Name>:<Value>, each pair of arguments separated by a semicolon Example: TestArg1:1234;TestArg2:ABC…