Welcome to appRules Portal User Guide


Welcome to appRules Portal User Guide!


appRules offers a next-generation, no-code development environment that can be utilized by business and technical users to tackle integration, business rules, and automation projects. 

appRules projects are developed using your preferred web browser and a drag and drop designer with activity modules that can be associated to compose simple or complex business processes, linked to a large choice of datasources.



For Business and Technical Users (appRules Portal):









No programming knowledge is required to use appRules environments.


This manual guides you through the process of familiarizing yourself with the appRules environment for developing and deploying projects:



·         appRules Concepts and Features

·         Creating and Maintaining  Project Databases

·         Actions, Conditions and the Business Rules Module

·         The Toolbox

·         Using the Designer

·         Navigating the Outline

·         The Property Grid

·         Built-in Editors

·         Mapping Data Field Values

·         Loading and Saving Projects

·         Composing and Orchestrating appRules Projects

·         Reading and Writing Records

·         Extending appRules  Projects with Custom Functions

·         Defining Conditions for Use in the Designer

·         Logging

·         Multi-User Considerations